BugBits is a nice strategy game with a pretty original gameplay
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BugBits is a nice strategy game with a pretty original gameplay and a rather unique concept. You are the leader and manager of a hive. Your task is to administrate and control the production of various types of ants, bugs and other insects that will protect the hive against enemies and intruders, or gather resources required by its running.

The main goal of the majority of missions is to defeat enemies or survive their attacks. Though, at first, it looks rather simple, it will get complex and pretty intense when you advance to higher levels. New types of bugs are getting unlocked as you progress, each one having their own different strengths and weaknesses. The 20 different playable bugs can be combined together to form different tactics and compose offensive or defensive strategies. Simply put, it's just impossible to get bored while playing this game.

I also like that it offers a simple two-player mode (multiplayer) that lets you play with friends or family members. It's easy to understand how to play the game as it also provides plenty of useful in-game hints. Though they aren’t exceptional or very impressive, the graphics are pretty nice that's also a plus for this game. The messages displayed by the bugs are rather dull and lack any kind of humor or creativity, often being just single simple words like “Yummie!” or “Destroy!”. Anyway, this is a small downside that can be easily ignored. Overall, I like this game and I unhesitantly recommend it.

Margie Smeer
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  • Visually appealing (nice graphics)
  • Original gameplay
  • Two-layer mode


  • The text dialogues lack creativity
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